October 8, 2012

Selflessness – who would want that?!

This will probably scare a lot of my friends who don’t have kids, but having a kid has taught me how unselfish I can be. I know for some it might sound miserable to be unselfish (because it did to me). But the unselfishness you experience as a parent is, hmm, how do I describe it? I guess the best word would be: natural. You don’t have to try, you just are unselfish without making a conscience decision, and it feels good. 

For example, I remember the first time the baby had pizza. We were grocery shopping at wholefoods and they were giving out samples. We were hungry, and I was trying to get home to feed both of us. I took a little nibble off the end of my sample and decided to let him try it, and low and behold, he ate the whole thing! 

I remember seeing the pizza disappear into his mouth as my stomach grumbled– but the happiness of feeding my child and his excitement and delight in trying and liking a new food and the unbearable cuteness of his chompers going to town on an iconic food like pizza for the first time– well, not much in life compares with that.

So it's not like it's a laborious task to be selfless once you become a parent. It's actually one of the most natural and fulfilling things I've ever experienced.

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