October 28, 2012

Homemade color and shape sorter

I've been wasting a ton of time on Amazon trying to decide on a few new toddler toys until I went on Pinterest today and got inspiration to make something!

One of the themes I saw throughout Pinterest for toddlers was textures and sorting colors. In addition, I saw a picture of a toddler playing with one of those Sunday-Saturday multi-section pill sorters and a pile of different colored fuzzy balls he was putting in and taking out.

That gave me the idea of getting out my collection of colored felt scraps, cutting shapes, and putting them in a pill sorter we have had in a junk drawer for a while -- letting my toddler open compartments, discover what was inside, see the colors, touch and play with them, etc.

He was immediately captivated. I haven't had time yet, but I plan to cut out mini-shapes of the corresponding colors and gluing them on each section for him to sort the shapes by color as well. I'd also like write on or sew on the names of the shapes and colors, but that will be for another day.

So glad I didn't drop a bunch of money on Amazon! (Although we are still in the market for a set of wooden-shaped blocks and ABC cutouts.) Next time.

Already playing with the first cutout.

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