June 27, 2013

English paper piecing with hexagons AND diamonds - oh my

We recently took a road trip to Montana for a total of 32 hours in the car. I had a blast with my son playing, eating, reading, laughing, looking, talking, and just plain starring at him all of that time. While he was sleeping or playing on his own, which was a minority of the time, I worked on a little hand-sewing project I brought along with me. And as many sewing/quilting projects seem to go, I started with one idea in mind that quickly went in a whole new direction. That's part of the fun, right?

Road trip project sneak peak I

Originally, I was just going to sew up a bunch of hexagons for a couple baby quilts I want to make for friends having baby girls this year. But the hexagons I had printed out on card stock paper for cutting and piecing were separated by little diamonds, and I thought wow, what I could I make with hexagons *and* diamonds, and low and behold I ended up with this little number...

Road trip project sneak peak II

...which was really fun, so I continued and before I knew it, I had created something interesting (to me anyway). You can see the basting stitches are still on. I am not going to take them out until I get some starch on this baby, but I think I am just going to applique stitch it to a small piece fabric and just put it somewhere near my bed to look at it. I have to admit, it was really time consuming, so I don't think I will make another one, but I do think it's a pretty little thing that will always put a smile on my face and remind me of all the enchanting time I spent looking at my son on that road trip.

Road trip sewing

Of course, this picture will also remind me of our time together, which will be cherished until the end of time (he's working very hard to balance all of the animals; he was even careful moving his head to smile and look at the camera phone...there is nothing more adorable)

Casper, WY in our car right now.

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