March 10, 2013

My first dresden quilt block complete

Finally finished my mom's birthday present (her birthday was Feb 2 - I have been showing her progress to build excitement and to let her know I haven't forgotten, lol). See this prior post, for example.
The front

The back

One of my other favorite hobbies is snowboarding. I finished hand sewing the binding after a long day, cold, with the heat blasting in my car in the parking lot of the ski area while I was waiting for my husband who was doing one more run. And I have to say, I really enjoyed having some hand sewing for the road.

As soon as I was done, my husband got back to the warm car, which he appreciated, and we drove to my mom's house to have family dinner and pick up the baby (she and my dad live in the ski resort towns; very lucky for us), and I presented her, her completed present. And she loves it. I can't wait to make her something else soon!


  1. it turned out very cute! i love the denyse schmidt fabrics together... :)

  2. Thank you Jeanne! I thought about how to order the fabrics forever, and decided to follow the rainbow!