August 24, 2013

My new (lovely) blog design

With the great help of my friend's amazing blog and e-book that focuses on empowering women to design their own (lovely) blog, I recently re-designed my site and ended up with a look that I couldn't be more proud of. Here's a fun account of the progression...

The original look
Clean but nothing special

Iteration 1
Showcases some of my sewing but still nothing special about the design. I was really struggling with taking the look to a new level.

Iteration 2
First new design after reading my friend's e-book - starting to play!

Iteration 3
The final look has one of my actual hand sewing projects tweaked in the banner to create a unique, personalized look that I love, that's me, and which leads the eye where I want it to go - to the blog posts!

Huge thank you to my uber talented friend Marianne Manthey for the amazing support and inspiration her website and e-book gave me. It truly is an invaluable resource for blog design. I plan to continue to follow her! Give her a visit!


  1. Stacy, the redesign is beautiful, I think you did a fantastic job!! I love your thought process too!

  2. Thank you Marianne. Your site and e-book were just what I needed!