October 31, 2012

Great baby services and resources in Denver

Because we ended up working with Mountain Midwifery, Denver’s birth center, for prenatal care and birth services, we were exposed to an amazing community of service providers and local resources that most people probably aren’t even aware of, and we took full advantage. Even if you don’t live in Denver, that doesn’t mean these types of services aren’t available in your area too.

Dr. Michael Hall, OB/GYN – The best in the area if you are interested in minimal invasive birth. If you are in the Denver area and your insurance covers Dr. Hall, don’t think twice about your OB/GYN, contact Dr. Hall.

Heather Thompson is an amazing postpartum doula. We had no idea what a postpartum doula was until we needed one. (Postpartum doula’s are birth and newborn care experts who support parents right *after* birth). I highly recommend contacting her if you have any questions or personal needs after birth. You might ask why would you need someone after birth to support you, but if you can imagine coming home for the first time and trying to take care of a brand new baby who won’t eat and won’t sleep while recovering from a traumatic birth experience and not sleeping for 3 days, well, she was our savior. She came to our home twice for two hours and answered all of our questions from simple ones like is it okay if the baby sleeps in the swing if he won’t sleep anywhere else, how do we best bath a baby, why won’t he latch, why was birth so hard, how come we feel for miserable. She even wrote down a list of routines and resources to aid in immieidate needs and on-going newborn care. You can find her at Mountain Midwifery and learn more about her on their About Us page here.

Apothecary Tinctura – This is where you can get all of the natural herbs and remedies you may want or need after birth. If you don’t think you’re a touchy feely natural medicine person, still keep this place in mind. Birth is probably the most intensely natural experience you will ever have, and if you have any medical needs, you probably won’t feel comfortable seeking conventional medicines – this is where you’ll want to go. You can get herbs to aid mom’s physical recovery after birth, milk production and soreness, etc. Check it out. You’ll see what I mean. And don’t be afraid to send your husband here after birth with a list of issues you need to address regarding recovery and baby care after birth. They are incredibly helpful.

The Mother’Hood – A business in Denver that offers support services for new parents, people with babies and toddlers. Don’t try to figure everything out on your own – take advantage of these workshops and classes. They are very reasonably priced and give you access to the best baby experts in town, not to mention a great community of like-minded people and the best books and products available. The Mother’Hood offers so many great resources but here are few that were especially useful for us.

Breastfeeding support group at The Mother'Hood – If you have any issues at all with breastfeeding, get yourself to this support group ASAP. (Or contact Amanda Ogden directly for a home consultation.)

Sleep support group at The Mother'Hood – This support group saved as when our baby was about 1 years old and would no longer go to sleep on his own. Within a week after attending one class, our baby was sleeping through the night, without crying it out, which never felt right to us! You can attend when your baby is any age. (Or contact Patience Bleskan directly who teacher the class and who is a local baby and toddler expert in many areas.)

Developmental Playgroup at The Mother'Hood – Also taught by Patience Bleskan, you learn about baby and toddler play and development, can ask questions, all while your baby gets to play with other babies and creative activies.

Playgroup - the little ones eat everything,
so they can't play with stuff like sand and clay yet,
but oatmeal works for a sandbox!

Patience Bleskan We’ve also taken Potty Training and Discipline with Yes classes with Bleskan. She is awesome and thinks just like we do.

Mountain Midwifery – The only real birth center in Colorado filled with amazing midwives who take good care of expectant families. If you can’t work with Dr. Hall, go here. If you do, Dr. Hall in their backup doctor. Just make sure your insurance covers both.

Amanda Glen We met with this Doula the day before I went into labor and so wish we would have contracted with her. Whereas Heather Thompson doesn't normally provide pre or during birth Doula services (just postpartum), Amanda Glen does. Interview her if you looking for a Doula - I know we will if we ever do it again.

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