March 17, 2011


Both of us were excited to know the sex but not attached one way or the other. I think you can’t help but immediately think about the sex you’re not going to have right when you learn—but then you quickly just think about what you are having.

I was partial to a boy and Aaron to a girl. He helped raise his little brother and felt like a girl would be fun and new. He also thought having another me in the house would be fun, and I too thought having another him in the house would be fun thinking about a boy.

We also talked about the feeling of babies being little, cute, and cuddly—things that generally resembled girls not necessarily boys. Yet I’ve been confronted by the idea of raising a princess that required a lot of pink and frilly stuff. Just seems like raising a boy would have less societal pressure for some reason.

Plus, I just love boys. Most of them seem to love their moms, and as a mom, you get to remain queen of the household when you have boys. Hehe. It’s a boy!

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