April 6, 2011

Kicking (but not screaming, at least yet)

I started feeling kicks, which felt like a fluttery butterfly in my tummy, about a month ago, right when we were at our first music concert since I was pregnant. It was very cool. (See more about that in my “concert-going” post.)

A couple weeks ago, I started feeling real kicks on the inside that couldn’t be mistaken for a real being inside my tummy. Second best experience I’ve had since seeing the first ultrasound.

Since then, I’ve kept my hand on my tummy as much as possible looking forward to feeling the kicks on my hand, so that Aaron could experience them. (His reaction when I first started really showing about 4.5 months was, “wow, you’re really pregnant,” and I replied, “yes, thanks for catching up!” That was fun to see it become more real for him.

Well last night, in the middle of the night, Aaron had his arm up against me laying half-awake in bed, and he got kicked. He woke me up to tell me. It was so cool. Their first moment was alone together. (And Aaron got to feel a kick on the outside before I did!)

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