March 10, 2011

Second trimester fun: Baby bump, emotions, and UFOs

I don’t think I’ve written since I’ve been in my second trimester. Well, I’m in my second trimester!!

My favorite thing about the second trimester is that I don’t feel nauseous all the time anymore. I’m able to eat better and work out again and feel like myself.

However, I have grown a baby bump, so it’s not like I’m going to forget I’m pregnant.

And my body is changing again. Whereas nature built up some reserves before any real sign of baby during the first trimester (hence going from size 4 to 8 pant size almost immiediately), those reserves are now being tapped overtime to fuel rapid growth of the kid. I can actually feel my arms and legs getting smaller while my mid-section grows. Go kid—I’d rather you grow than my hips!

The challenges in the second trimester are emotions and losing buttons. I’m sure I had emotions in the first trimester, but they were probably masked by the nausea. These days, I can feel them hardcore. I usually embrace them and ride them out, and other times, I am abruptly reminded again, that nature is in charge.

Finally, the logistical issue of unexpected, unidentified flying objects (OFOs)—or not being able to close my pants without popping buttons. (Stayed tuned for a post about cutting off the tops of my fat pants and sewing on stretchy fabric.)

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