December 7, 2010

Moving the Y Chromosome

Three out of three men we’ve shared the news with in person have teared up. Although totally excited and full of happiness, women haven’t cried at the news.

A few minutes after we told my mom, dad, and brother, I was walking downstairs when I heard my dad speaking under his breadth. I asked, “dad, what are you saying.”

At that moment my brother poked his head out of the bathroom and said, “he’s been standing over there saying this is wonderful over and over.

I looked over and said, “oh dad, you’re going to cry before mom does.”

And my brother replied, “no, I am. I just looked over at dad and pictured him as a grandfather,” and the my brother's eyes filled with happy tears.

Then my brother preceded to text his best friend to let her know my season ski pass is for sale, lol.

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