June 8, 2011

Interesting development this weekend – baby dropped!

I have been carrying very high and experiencing a ton of pressure and pain in my upper tummy. So much that almost two months ago, I had to stop core exercises like yoga and have had to spend a lot of time laying on my side resting my belly. I’d dread sitting up in bed and doing other simple things. I think oxygen was an issue too, because I’d get worn out so easily–more than we felt was normal, even for a pregnant gal.

Over the weekend, the baby dropped a few inches and although there are new sensations lower in my abdomen, such as added pressure on my bladder, I haven’t felt this overall good and agile in a while. It’s amazing. I can breathe, I can move, and feel I can pick up on and vary my exercise again.

What I think happened is that the fella simply ran out of room being that high. He has largely been in the same main position. When he’d move, I could feel him all the way across my belly—pretty high up on one side down a little to my other side.

I remember him moving around a lot this Friday and Saturday night, and by Sunday, I felt like a brand new human being when I woke up. I thought I had gotten the best sleep ever and didn’t have a clue until my neighbor saw me and said my stomach looked like it was sitting lower—mystery solved!

Now, I know the little man is still growing, so I assume he will fill up the new position he’s in, but in the meantime, I’m sure he and I are going to enjoy this new lease on life while we can! Little guy is pressing a foot against me as I write. Awe.

PS  Babies drop in the whom anywhere from around 30 wks to a few hours before birth, so this was totally healthy (and fortuitous timing for a vacation.)

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