June 1, 2011

Baby room theme: woodlands

It was between a rockets-and-robots theme and forest animals, and forest animals won out! We’re going to save rockets and robots for when he’s older.

Here are some pics and links to items we’ll be decorating with. (I have to admit, that I am thinking about putting a couple robots in the background of the woodland scene—‘cause I can.)
 •Interesting research behind the design: http://weegallery.com/what-babies-see/
 •A piece of framed art to match: http://www.art.com/products/gt–wl/gid–683dce4713a11cf0/p12278832-sa/posters.htm?isV=Y&RFID=&PODConfigID=&ui=71B4B1A00995419AA8A756AFCE500626

Update: Right before the baby was born, and after several long, analytical conversations, hubby and I changed the theme to pirates. We debated going with the nice sophistication and furriness of forest animals and a world we both grew up in (the mountains of Colorado) with the adventure and fun and more varied theme of pirates!

With pirates, you can do so many more animals -- from the ocean world to the tropics not to mention boats, and the kicker for me was being able to decorate with anything you could call a treasure. For example, the baby's room now has several pieces of art, including specials valentines and cards and paintings on the wall we've received from friends over many years. Things that are special to us, which brighten his room, from people we can't wait for him to meet. And well, he'll fit right into the theme, because he'll be the biggest treasure of all. So last minute change to the nursery theme: PIRATES! ARG BABY!

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