January 2, 2011

A blast from the past – I got my old fat clothes out!!

I was 30 pounds heavier five years ago due to a slow and steady growth I undertook until I got out of grad school. Soon after grad school, as I started having more time, I looked at a picture of myself dancing at a friend’s birthday party, and I had an out-of-body experience. That girl is fat. That girl is not me.

After a few sad weeks of dwelling about how I had let myself go, I had an insight…the image in that picture was not a reflection of who I really am. Who I am is sexy and fit, and I knew that and was immediately inspired and in action researching how to eat right and get in shape. For a weeks, I was a bit lost in information overload reading the internet; I had never had to watch what I ate or exercise regularly (I didn’t even know how to really), but I didn’t give up.

Then my friend Michelle had her 40th birthday party. She had a major passion for cycling, so for her 40th, she created a charity where people could donate Bikes and local volunteers would fix them up and then they’d be given to less fortunate kids. Her party included a Chinese silent action to raise money, (like a normal silent auction, except instead of bidding, you buy raffle tickets and put as many as you want towards the item or items of your choice, later to have a chance to win the item.) The more tickets you applied to an item, the more chance you had to win it.

I was pondering down the tables looking at items to use my tickets on when I came across two free sessions with a personal trainer. I hadn’t even looked into personal training. I didn’t know anything about personal training, but I was so struck by the possibility of realizing my goal to get in shape, that I threw ALL my tickets in, (and I even bought more to up my chances to win).

Aaron was the DJ and MC for the party, so when it came time to complete the silent auction by choosing a winning ticket for each item, he was the one to do it! I was standing in front patiently, waiting for my item, and as Michelle handed him the bag for the personal training sessions, he said to the crowd in the microphone, “I know someone who wants to win this, and he looked at me.”

I was jumping up and down, and everyone knew everyone, so Aaron through in the comment, “and if she wins, I guess I win too – a  hot, new wife.” It was so meant to be! Aaron chose the winning ticket, and it was mine!! Everyone cheered hysterically, and I was ecstatic for this opportunity.

The personal trainer happened to be a good friend of Michelle’s who had helped her get into shape years ago, and she was at the party, so I got to meet her. She called about setting up our appointments soon after, and really, most of the rest is history. I ended up losing 30 pounds in four months. I learn how to eat right for the first time in my life, and I learn how to be active and never looked back.

Except today. Today I got out three plastic bins of my old fat clothes. The bins are even labeled, “Stacy’s fat clothes.” I kept them, because (1), I lost 30 pounds, the amount you generally gain during pregnancy, and (2), I had spent a lot of money them.

I’m glad I kept them. Most of my casual “fat pants” have awesome embroidery that must have been in five years ago, or maybe that’s what people in their 20’s like, lol. There are also lots of great work pants that are will in fashion, oh, and, there’s a pair of Citizens that I just loved and am looking forward to altering and wearing again.

What’s funny to envision is that once I get just a tad bit bigger, I’ll be wearing a lot of those fat clothes, which were my favorite clothes from when I was in my 20’s–that should certainly help me feel young at a time when it’s so easy to feel like you’re suddenly getting older.

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