February 24, 2013

Two quilt blocks completed this weekend

I completed two quilt block this weekend. Both are the second to another block already completed.

The first is a Victorian themed block. This is for a 3- or 4-block mini wall-hanging, but I keep visualizing a larger one, because I'm having so much fun with the free-form log cabin style and the fun prints that I don't want to stop making these anytime soon.

The second is part of the Sugar Block Club - block of the month (BOM) I'm participating in lead by Amy Gibson at www.stitcherydictorydoc.com. I am learning a ton about technique, new types of blocks, using solids, and sewing in general being part of this BOM.

You can see it's not perfect, but I learned a ton doing it. And I don't know what I was thinking using stripped fabric, as if learning paper piecing with this block wasn't enough, I had to spend a ton of extra time trying to make the stripes line up. Oh well, I'm not one for easy.

Like I mentioned, this block used paper piecing--a technique where you actually sew the fabrics together by following lines on a piece of paper, and then you rip the paper away. That was a simplistic explanation, but if you've ever seen more intricate quilted fabrics, very detailed stars or even objects like boats or animals, it was probably done using paper piecing, which is remarkably fun. I can't wait to do something even more complicated some day soon. And now I know how it's done!

Below is a close up of my first 4-point star. I was so excited that I didn't even wait to trim this baby before taking a picture, but you can see the point in the middle looks pretty good.

It makes me so happy to make pretty things. I'm calling this weekend on a success on the quilt block front...now the sleeping front is another story.


  1. GREAT JOB lining up your stripes!! Man, I don't know that I would have persevered! :) You deserve a big pat on the back for both Sugar block...blocks... :)

  2. Thanks Melissa! Yep, I didn't realize the extra challenge of the stripes until it was too late, but hey, that just meant I got to learn more, ha! Thanks for stopping in!